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Why Motion Graphics Can Be Expensive

 Spoiler alert: motion graphics take a lot of time and resources to produce. If you’re thinking about using motion graphics and video to promote your brand, we have great news — you’re on the right track! Studies from Wordstream and Animoto show that marketers...

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A Custom Explainer Video Can Boost Business

Video: Must-have Marketing As more people turn to video for their information, the explainer video has secured its place among essential marketing tools. The rise of video is evident in the number of businesses incorporating it into their digital marketing strategies....

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Optimizing and Analyzing Online Video

You’ve spent the time finding the right production company to produce your online video. Your team in partnership with the production company created a great script. The shoot has come and gone; final edits are in, and now you’re left with a polished video to share...

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Benefits of Blogging for Business

 The Benefits of Blogging What purpose do blogs really serve? A sentiment felt by many. Blogs have been sprouting up all over the internet in various forms since the late 90’s. Amateurs initially used blogs as springboards for expression. Now the benefits of...

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How to Capture Good Audio

 Have you had trouble capturing good audio? There are many moving parts to just about any production, even a simple interview. I was reminded of this when my friend Kirsten who works close by asked: “We are shooting our testimonials and internal messaging….. We’re...

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What is Motion Graphics?

What is Motion Graphics - What is the difference from 3D animation? The relationship between humans and cinema has always been a bit like moths to the flame. We are naturally drawn to the light. In movie theaters, with our phones in hand, driving by digital...

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A History Of Music Videos

   Lemonade. Beyonce’s surprise visual album, Lemonade, debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 this week. In the eight days after its release, Bey’s 46-minute modern age masterpiece of marketing notched 485,000 digital album sales (it was awarded 653,000 equivalent...

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Creative Brand Storytelling

    Stand Out From Your Competition Strong brands don’t lead with product or services -- they share their stories. Brands that stand out from the competition swirling around them are set apart because of their own research and work. They stand out from the...

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Choosing The Right Production Company

  Finding The Right Video Production Company When searching for a doctor, mechanic, or a lawyer you look for experienced, trustworthy professionals. You research each industry and analyze reviews before choosing an ideal candidate. Selecting a video production...

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The Benefits of Online Video

  The Many Benefits of Online Video  Online video continues to emerge as a powerful resource to engage audiences and influence buyer behavior, and its advantages don’t end there. Benefits of web video include the ability to enhance communication and brand image,...

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