How do I choose the right production company?

Doctors, mechanics, lawyers, video producers, whatever profession you are researching; experience matters most. A quick look a our Demo Reel will show you the variety of clients we’ve produced content for and the level of expertise we bring to every project. You  have to ask yourself  if there’s a good culture fit with the studio you choose to work with. Our team takes great pride in showing work that was written, shot and edited by our staff. Our focus is on producing creative marketing videos, brand stories, and motion graphics.

How long does it take to produce a video?
 Generally, it will take from 4-8 weeks for a video, from inception to final delivery, we need time to get it right. This number can vary depending on our workload and the scale of the production. The timeframe will be spelled out in our proposal to you.
How much will a video cost?
 Each situation is unique to a client’s needs. A quick way to determine price range is to show us a video that you like for comparison. We have years of experience helping clients choose the right production that fits their budget. We provide our clients with a customized, detailed proposal, that outlines the cost of their video production or motion graphic design. We can also send you a worksheet that we designed, to help customers through the process of choosing the right creative direction. Most marketing videos aren’t cheap. It takes a creative team  and substantial amount of resources to make something you’ll be proud of.
We’re here to help you through the process!
Things we consider when determining a production budget.
  • Concept Development & Art Direction
  • Script & Storyboard Development 
  • Number of shooting locations, how many days?
  • Does the shoot require a studio with a sound stage?
  • What type of lighting package will be needed for your production?
  • What type of  camera package and peripheral camera equipment will be needed to capture your vision?
  • Do you need on-screen talent or voiceover narration?
  • Does the production require a stylist/makeup artist?
  • Do you need original motion graphics or animation?
  • Do media assets need to be purchased for your production, i.e., stock footage and photography?
  • What type of crew will be needed to accomplish the objective?
Can we use assets from our company?
We often ask our clients if they have media we can include, such as: photographs, blueprints, schematics….In some cases we can incorporate your media into a video or motion graphic design. Your video footage can be used depending on the quality and format. Our team never forgets that we are working for you, just let us know if something has to be used and we’ll find a creative way to include it. We can even produce a video solely from assets that you provide to us, transforming existing video, images, and sound into a new product for your intended audience.
Script Writing
 In most cases, you will need to say everything in less than 2 minutes. Our copywriters can clarify your core message as succinctly as possible, explain your core services and express your unique selling points, without losing your viewer’s interest. We’ve worked with a broad spectrum of clients; some like to be a part of the brainstorming process, while others are hands-off. We’re here to work with you and have tools to guide this process along.
Do I need to hire talent for my video?
Not everyone is good on camera. We’ve found that a professional actor can improve the quality of production and engage audiences in a meaningful way, while keeping the script on time and budget. With that said, we have worked with non-talent from different organizations on a variety of videos. You can’t replace a CEO.
What are the benefits of having a video on my website?

 Online video continues to emerge as a powerful resource to engage audiences and influence buyer behavior. Studies on the effectiveness of web video reflect an overwhelmingly positive impact on consumers. Visitors to websites that include video are significantly more likely to stay longer and feel more confident about your product or service. Most importantly – they’re more likely to take action.

• Visitors stayed at websites that use video 78% longer than websites that had no video.


• 82.6% of consumers more likely to buy from a company whose site had web video
• 73.4% of consumers said that seeing video on a company’s website increased their comfort level
• 68.4% of consumers more likely to buy products online after seeing a web commercial. Chamberlain Research
• You are 53x more likely to appear on page 1 of Google’s search results if you have 
video on your website – Forrester Research