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With motion graphics, the sky isn’t the limit — it’s only the beginning.

Through animation, we can breathe life into your stories in an exciting and memorable way. In the world of motion graphics, complex and abstract ideas can be explained in a simple and concise way, so anyone will be able to understand your message from the get-go.

New challenges that clients bring us is something that excites us, and we’re dedicated to creating unique motion graphics that speak true to your brand’s voice.

Motion Graphic Magic We’ve Made

The Motion Process

From conception to distribution, ES Creative is a Tampa motion graphics studio that is with you every step of the way. Here’s how we make sure your next animation is a resounding success.

1. Creative Teamwork

Tell us your story! At ES Creative, we begin by identifying your goals via a creative brief. From there, our copywriters will craft a script that speaks in your Brand Voice.

2. Copywriting

Our team will craft a script that will bring your motion graphic story to life. Afterwards, we have our copywriters clarify your message as succinctly as possible, explain your core services, and express your unique selling points. All without losing your viewer’s interest.

3. Concept Art

No two stories are the same. This step is all about exploration and discovery! The ES studio artists can illustrate original assets for your explainer. This will ensure that you receive a video that is unique to your brand.

4. Storyboarding

Once a style & direction is established and assets are created for final production. We then clearly and concisely map your story from beginning to end, frame by frame!

5. Animation

This is where the explainer video comes to life! Our motion designers put your assets in motion, while our audio engineers design sound to set the scene.

6. Distribution

Now that the hard part is over, where will your explainer video live? Who will see it? Get the most out of your video by hosting and sharing it with your target audience. By providing you with analytical tools, we can help you with distribution and track your video’s progress!


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